Post registration training and learning

What is PRTL and why is it important?

Post registration training and learning (PRTL) is about ongoing learning and development. It's important because it means you take responsibility for your own learning and development. Maintaining and developing effective knowledge, skills and values will help you to deliver good practice when working with people who use services, their families and carers.

Everyone registered with us has to meet PRTL requirements. Writing about your learning and development and submitting it to us helps us to make sure you remain suitable for registration.

How much do I need to do and in what timescale?

You can find out the amount of PRTL you need to complete on the Who should apply to register? page. The PRTL requirements for social workers and newly qualified social workers (NQSW) are different from other social service workers. You must read the PRTL guidance for your register part carefully before recording your PRTL.

PRTL guidance for social service workers
PRTL short guide for social service workers
PRTL guidance for NQSWs
PRTL guidance for social workers

How do I write about PRTL?

PRTL activities can include the following.

  • Training - SVQ units, courses such as child/adult protection and first aid.
  • Reading - books, Scottish Government policy information, journal articles, newspapers, online publications.
  • Job shadowing - another member of staff in your own organisation or another organisation.
  • Independent research - as part of a qualification or in order to further develop an area of your practice.
  • Mentoring - another worker going through a qualification, a student within your workplace.

We've kept the type of activity general because there are a variety of ways for you to continue to learn and develop. Training and learning does not have to be formally certified.

If you are a NQSW you need to explain how the training and learning activities have consolidated your social work knowledge, skills and values. If you are a social worker (not newly qualified) or a social service worker you need to explain how each activity has contributed to your professional development and improved your practice.

There's no set amount on how much you need to write. The quality is more important than quantity. The important thing is to make sure you have met the time requirement and have said what you learned and how you have used that learning in your practice.

As part of the required PRTL hours, social workers and NQSWs must also record a minimum of five days (or 30 hours) which focus on the protection of children and adults from harm. You must record all protection of children and adults from harm hours separately. You cannot claim the same hours for both general PRTL and protection of children and adults from harm.

Some registrants have found it helps to use anonymous examples from their practice to do this. We've put together some PRTL recording examples to help you.

PRTL declaration example for managers
PRTL declaration example for social service workers
PRTL declaration example for NQSWs
PRTL declaration example for social workers

How do I record my PRTL?

You can record your PRTL online through your MySSSC account. Your PRTL details are under the registration section of your homepage. You must record each new training and learning activity in a new PRTL claim.

To add a new PRTL record, you should select add claim. You will then need to provide the date of the training and learning activity, the number of hours completed and the details of the activity.

Hints and tips

What happens when I renew my registration?

We will contact you if you have to submit your PRTL. If you have provided enough information about what you have learned and how you have used it you will meet the criteria. We will ask you to provide more information if you don't meet the criteria.

If you have any further questions about PRTL please email or phone 0345 60 30 891.