About registration

The SSSC Register was set up under the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001 to regulate social service workers and to promote their education and training.

Registration is a major part of the drive for higher standards in social services and is bringing the social service workforce in line with other professional colleagues. Nursing, medicine and teaching are all regulated professions and workers have to register with their own regulatory bodies to be able to work in their field. Social service workers have to do the same.

Registration of social service workers has an important role in improving safeguards for people using services and increasing public confidence in the social service workforce.

Your registration - a guide to getting started

Frequently Asked Questions about SSSC Registration

Who should apply to register?

Scottish Ministers decided who should apply to register with the SSSC. With a workforce of 203,200 it was agreed to phase in registration for key groups of social service workers. The first group of workers required to register were social workers, followed by managers, supervisors and workers in residential child care.

Find out who else needs to register on who should apply to register section. 

Registration Rules

The Registration Rules explain how we place social service workers on the SSSC Register. The current rules are:

Registration Rules (No.2)  2016

2017 Amendment to Registration Rules

Registration (Amendment No.2) Rules 2017

We have produced a Combined Registration Rules 2017 document which combines the 2016 Rules, and both Amendment Rules documents. 

View previous Rules.

SSSC Register

The SSSC Register is available for anyone to check the registration status of a social worker or social service worker.

Everyone on the Register will have shown they are suitable for work in social services.

You can search a social service worker’s record using first name, surname, town of employment or their SSSC registration number.

Not all workers in social services have to register with the SSSC. To check, visit Is registration compulsory?