What are the benefits of registration?

A registered workforce raises standards in social services and brings it in line with other professional colleagues such as teachers and nurses. It makes sure all workers carrying out a particular role, wherever they work in Scotland, are demonstrating the same level of competence and adhere to the same SSSC Codes of Practice.

Most people will come into contact with social services at some time in their lives. It might be you or a family member that uses a care service, such as your child going to nursery or parent living in a care home. You’ll know how important a quality care service can be.

As a worker registration with us:

  • confirms you have been found fit to be a member of the social service workforce
  • strengthens the professionalism of the workforce you are part of
  • encourages employers to let workers access qualifications.

Protecting people who use social services

A registered workforce improves public confidence in social services. By promoting and ensuring high standards of conduct and practice among social service workers, the protection of those who use social services increases.

We can remove social service workers from the SSSC Register if they do not follow the SSSC Codes of Practice.