The Workforce Skills Report (WSR) 2016-17 gives you an overview of key skills challenges for Scotland’s 200,000 social service workers.

The SSSC's Workforce Skills Report 2016-2017 (published 26 October 2017) highlights that people working in social services in Scotland are skilled and knowledgeable. Upcoming challenges will need to be addressed to make sure social services can manage in the future.

The report confirms the messages we regularly hear from employers, frontline workers and learning and development staff, highlighting the critical role of social service professionals and the complex skills they have and need in their role. It also highlights areas where there are skills gaps with some evidence where there are skills shortages.

How to use the report

The findings in the report will be of interest to a range of people and organisations including people who use social services, carers, regulators, civil servants, public bodies and workforce planners.

There are two versions of the WSR.

The shorter version gives an overview of the sector and the key skills challenges. We also have an interactive pdf

The extended version gives further detail on the challenges. It also explores learning and development provision in greater detail.

New to workforce planning? Watch our animated video summary which gives you a sense of what’s covered in the Workforce Skills Report and explores the key skills challenges for workers.

Did you find the report useful, did you use the information in it?

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