Our research

Research is important to the work of the SSSC.

The information we get from research allows us to make accurate, contemporary and informed decisions on a range of activities.

The research we use ranges from day to day consultations we do, sometimes as surveys, to focus groups and employer engagement on specific themes. We report on these consultations in a variety of ways including through our eBulletin and SSSC News.

We also commission research which allows us to interpret and evaluate current findings and then to make decisions based on evidence. We have received research reports on the following topics:

We also encourage practitioner research submissions. This is an opportunity to see the research others in similar posts to your own might be doing. We have started by asking Childhood Practitioners to share their research and it’s available on SSSC Learning Zone.

The Workforce Development and Planning Team will advertise, either using this page or via the eBulletin when we start posting other research about different parts of the Register.

If you have any suggestions for the type of research that might be helpful let the team know and we will put out a call for papers. Please contact Shirley Gibson at shirley.gibson@sssc.uk.com